Seventynon Commissions

Regular commission status: CLOSED (July 2022)Hello, I'm Cait, a Malaysian illustrator who draws in anime/toon style.
Please read my Terms of Service carefully before commissioning me. If you have any questions feel free to drop me an email or dm.
I also offer commissions with different pricing at local conventions I booth at. Keep an eye out for con announcements and updates on my Facebook or Instagram.Thank you for dropping by! (●'◡'●)

*Prices here are for personal commissions only.Bust - $35 / RM140

  • Chest and above

  • Transparent or simple background only

  • Extra character: $30 / RM120

  • Extra element (eg: props, embellishments, pet) may cost extra depending on complexity

Half Body - $45 / RM180

  • Waist / hip and above

  • Transparent or simple background only

  • Extra character: $40 / RM160

  • Extra element (eg: props, embellishments, pet) may cost extra depending on complexity

Full Body - $60 / RM240

  • Transparent or simple background only

  • Extra character: $55 / RM220

  • Extra element (eg: props, embellishments, pet) may cost extra depending on complexity

Full Illustration with Background - price varies

  • Final price will be calculated based on number of focal characters (bust, half body, full body) and complexity of the background.

  • For your reference, something similar to the first image (lo-fi style cluttered study) will cost around $150 / RM600 including character.

  • Feel free to talk to me with a budget in mind and we'll work something out!

Terms of Service

General Info:

  • The regular prices listed here are for personal artworks only.

  • For commercial artworks, please email me to discuss as prices and usage terms will vary based on each commission and client. Commercial artworks will cost at least x2 of the personal commission price.

  • Prices may be updated at my own discretion, but I will never charge you for more than what was agreed on before.

  • All artworks will be produced and delivered digitally only (.png file).

  • Please expect 1-5 working days for communication and commission updates.

  • I will accept most types of commissions as long as the subject is within my artistic capabilities and comfort level.

  • I won't accept complex mecha, vehicles, NSFW, and furries (I may accept certain D&D / fantasy races).

  • If you have any questions while working together feel free to reach out to me anytime. Your feedback is appreciated!

Commission Process:

  1. Drop an Email or DM and include reference images of what you want. We will go over details and availability.

  2. 50% down payment required before I start.

  3. Draft stage - Only the first revision round is free. A revision round is where you give your feedback on the draft and request for any changes. However, any major change that was not included in your brief / order form will be charged regardless - such as requesting a new pose, adding characters etc. Any new changes requested after the first revision round will be charged accordingly.

  4. Pay the remaining 50%.

  5. Lineart and flat colour stage - no revisions allowed for lines, colours can be adjusted

  6. Render stage - no revisions allowed

  7. Finally, receive the high resolution artwork through email or Google Drive.

Payment Method

  • International: PayPal Invoice (USD)

  • Local: Bank transfer (RM)

Turnaround Time

3 days to 3 weeks per commission depending on the ongoing queue and the complexity of your piece. I will notify you if it will take longer.
If you have a preferred deadline do let me know beforehand and I will do my best to meet it! However keep in mind that a rush fee or priority fee may be requested if the deadline is too near.

Cancellations and Refunds:

  • You may cancel the commission at any time, but strictly no refunds after any payment has been made.

  • I reserve the right to cancel the commission at any time within reason (although this has never happened before) and will issue a partial or full refund.

Copyright and Usage Policy:

  1. I retain ownership rights to my artworks including using them to self promote, modify, reproduce and redistribute unless agreed otherwise in a commercial contract.

  2. Your own original characters and original designs belong to you.

  3. Removal and intentional cropping of artist's watermark/signature is prohibited.

  4. Personal Commissions: You CAN display, print for self, post online, set as profile picture, character token etc. You CANNOT modify, claim ownership, profit off it, resell at a higher price, produce merch to sell, use for monetized content such as Twitch/Youtube etc.

  5. Commercial Commissions: Artworks will be watermark-free but I still retain the ownership rights. You will be allowed to monetize the artwork based on the usage terms discussed in our agreement. Art for your branding, merch, Twitch/Youtube assets etc. will fall under this category.

Order Form

IMPORTANT: By commissioning me, you have read and agreed to my Terms of Service.Kindly use the below format as a guide when placing your order (you can simply copy and paste, or add other relevent info).

  1. I have read and agreed to Seventynone's Terms of Service:

  2. Your name:

  3. Your email: (final artwork will be sent to you here)

  4. Your PayPal email: (for PayPal users only, invoice will be issued to this email)

  5. Personal or commercial commission?: (If commercial or unsure, clearly state what will it be used for and I will confirm with you)

  6. Expected deadline (if any):

  7. Type of commission: (bust / half body / full body / illustration / other etc.)

  8. How many characters:

  9. Describe Character 1's appearance:

  10. Describe Character 1's pose or facial expression:

  11. Describe the background: (transparent / solid colour / clouds / medieval tavern / other)

  12. Image size: (square / desktop wallpaper / Twitch banner / other)

  13. Attach clear reference images: (you may use your own drawing, existing art of your characters, photos, etc. any type of visuals are fine as long as they can effectively communicate your idea to me)

Once you're ready to place a commission, email me at [email protected] (preferred) or DM me on my social media. I will get back to you with a price quote.
Thank you! ♪